Get out and Ride!

Saturday morning is our most regular ride.

Our Goals -

To promote a safe and freindly ride which is fun for all. Maintain and improve fitness and skills

The main event - Saturday - Meet at Mascot cycles 381 Bridge rd Richmond Vic

The course - Varies each week in the details, depending on who shows up. However the usual plan is to ride for about 1 hour 45mins in Studley park and environs. The course typically includes low traffic roads and many sections of paved cycle path ( some un paved sections my be included from time to time as skill development). It is not a race although we try to provide skope for new riders to learn the rope ( or those getting started agian) while also letting the "gun riders" loose on particular sections which loop back to the main course.

Other rides- Tuesday and Thursday rides often happen in the warmer months, in the last 12 months these have mostly been 6am from Shop arriving at Laikon Deli for Breakfast around 7.15am Please ask around at post ride breakfast on Saturday or drop by the store and speak with Raimondo

Away rides - From time to time various rides take place in country locations. The usual plan is some car pooling and arriving somewhere by Saturday evening with a veiw to riding 50 - 80 kms ( we usually set it up so there are two distance options).

To be involved in this we prefer you to be a regular on the Saturday ride or by invitation from Raimondo

Overseas rides - See the pics on our facebook page.

You and your bike - Most regulars ride a racing style bike with drop bars or flat bars

Preparation - The most important things are, a roadyworthy bike and appropriate attire for the season. If you would like to join in, but are unsure on any issue, drop by the store and have a chat first.